You've seen all of s5...and the xmas spesh....and the teaser trailer for s6....So what are YOUR thoughts on all of it?? River, The Silence (Silents), Amy, Rory, The Doctor....all of it!! Go!

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I'm excited.  Seeing them interpret the U.S. should be a great deal of fun.  The scraggly doctor has also truly peaked my curiosity.  After such a long time (since 63) I'm wondering if we are going to get a more detailed lowdown on the origins of him running.  Everything so far has been bits and pieces, will they put them all together?

Hmmmm, haven't been around A|N for a looooooong time. As good a place to jump back in as any I suppose, so...


My personal theory on River (though almost certainly wrong) is that River = Jenny. Note that SM has already stomped out the "Doctor's mother" theory, as well as the "Donna Noble" theory.


HOWEVER, the Daleks did say (in "Big Bang") that "only the Doctor can pilot the TARDIS". Clue?


If it is Jenny, her behavior is a bit weird towards the Doctor.  I'm guessing it is someone to whom we have not been introduced in 2005 DW.  Someone powerful and of a stock similar to the time lords, like the Romulan Commander to Spock.  Don't hold me too close on that comparison, it is the concept that intrigues me, I don't know the story line well enough to argue the details.

I don't think it's Jenny or his mom or his wife or a companion or anything like that. And yea that would be weird what with the whole hello sweetie, kiss, marriage thing. Plus I'm not sure if the time works out. And I understand your analogy Michelle...that does make sense. 

I'm at a loss right now as to who she is! I've speculated till I can't no more! :p I just really hope she's not any family member. Who I wish she was but know she's not is someone like the rani. Some still believe she's the master! That would be fucking cool. Some do think she's the doctor. Whoever she is.....everything is going to change. Change??? 


As for The Silence?? I think River has a LOT to do with it....and at once thought omega may return but now I don't think so.

SM says all the clues have been there.....can NOT wait to see who or what the silence is (it is a race) and who or what river song is and how she figures into the whole silence thing. 

We will see a return of the ood! Nice!





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