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Thanks AP...this might be easier for some rather than downloading .....thx. Did you enjoy it? I just hate watching it in parts! ERG! :p
i loved it, i have herd alot of talk abt how ppl wont waych the new series b/c of all the new stuff (i.e. new doctor, new tardis, new screwdriver) but i think all the new stuff will help me move on from david tennant. if we had the same stuff as before it would just be all these reminders of some one we loved and it would have been really hard (for me atleast) to move on. i love this new sexy portrail they are useing in the new series. (i.e. the doctor striping and amy being a kiss-o-gram.) i never saw that coming. the best part of the whole episode was when he told of that eye monster thing. that whole scene totally convinced me that this is the same old beloved doctor! and i love watching it in parts, it increses the suspence!
I agree with William...and you did indeed help with leaving Tennant's era and embracing Matt's doctor. He is sexy fabulous!! ;) And William you are so right....what the hell is the point of being a "fan" of Who when you don't embrace the new changes that come with it....even the doctors know there is change coming one day.....

btw William...I read your story and it is so awesome...Chase has not been with me at home lately but as soon as he returns I'm reading it to him!! Or he can read it...but yea, it's really nice. I'll let you know more later. ;) (he's busy with baseball :/)




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