As we probably all know Steven Moffat is taking over for Russel T. Davies as the lead writer and executive producer. I've noticed there's been a lot of talk about Matt Smith, but to be honest, I think the Doctor is only as good as the plotline allows, so... I'm offering up a discussion about that.

Steven Moffat's writing credits include some of the best episodes of the new series, most notably "Blink," and the two-part River Song story (for lack of a better title). He also served as head writer for the BBC3 television series Coupling, which I'd reccommend to anyone.

For these reasons, I am optimistic and have the utmost confidence in Moffat. What does everyone else think about his new position? I want to know how people feel about this.

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I'm excited about this new series...the new doctor and Moffat--He's brilliant and I think Matt Smith looks amazing, energetic and fun! I think we're all pretty excited about it, but I won't speak for everyone! RTD was looking tired! (as combom said!) lol
Tennant is a tough act to follow, but from the teasers and trailers, Smith looks hopeful and has a lot of Tennant in him. "Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey"
Tennant was a genius. No denying that, but Russel T. Davies had some weak spots. I actually thought to post this because of the 4th season of Coupling. That first episode so was so brilliantly written. It was like a symphony of brilliantly complex and comedic coincidences. RTD, I think some of his stories were a bit trite, but then again: It's Doctor Who, it's a tough act to follow, with people like Douglas Adams involved previously and whatnot.




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