Contention One: The Doctor is not inclined to violence beyond honest fisticuffs, but does not stop other people using violence on his behalf. (Captain Jack f.ex.)
Contention Two: The Doctor's treatment of Rose was correct. He is near-immortal and therefore musn't give or accept love from a mortal.

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Contention One: The Doctor eradicated the Daleks. He has honest hatred in his heart for those things, as opposed to his compassion for every other species in existence. His aversion to direct confrontation/wanton destruction is probably because of the crushing guilt he carries with him after carrying out genocide, even if it was against a race as horrific as the Daleks.

Contention Two: I'm not sure what immortality has to do with love. He explains why it's a bad idea:"You can spend the rest of your life with me. I can't spend the rest of my life with you."
Damnation and curses! I was afraid of this. I'm not just episodes but seasons behind everyone else. I'm going to complain to the BBC again. They removed my last moan from the message board.
Before I go: Christopher Ecclestone was the best Doctor since Tom Baker.
The latest? Tear-jerking farewell to Rose and then the Bride turns up in the TARDIS. Bye the bye, the Catherine Tate Show is a must! The woman is brilliant.
That's exactly where I am right now and I'm afraid to move on... I miss Rose already.
Aw, I promise it will get better. I miss her too. No other companion will suffice. Although, I do like Noble.
Actually, on PBS Saturday nights at 11, they show Doctor Who and confidentials, behind the scenes.... Saturday night is the greatest night(s) of my life. Thanx for the tip Hal...I will be doing that. And yes, she did whisper his name. In one of the confidentials they said, he could never be with Rose despite his loving her (as all the doctors love their companions in one way or another), but that the most compatible mate for him would be what was her name? The French chick with the fireplace and scary masked robots things under her bed? Because she was so regal, proper, and smart. I don't think I like that though. I don't see it. Anyway, she died...there's a new, bang goes that theory.
Madame la Pompadour, Louis XIV's mistress. Good idea! I also sensed sparks in the fireplace, and he does need a grown woman.
sorry, that should have been Madame DU Pompadour. And if the fireplace had been coordinated it might have solved the mortality problem. The love life might have been difficult:
"Not again"
"But I've been travelling for months!"
"I haven't. For me this is the third time in the past hour. Take a cold shower."
Thanks Hal. I will look into this. I was under the impression that current programmes were not available outside the U.K. If it works, can I watch cricket too?
And, the doctor is inclined to hate and destruction. Donna Noble claims he needs a companion "to stop him"...she had to stop him several times including the time he was drowning the spider's babies.
Oh, and the Daleks will never be fully eradicated, I believe. They will always find a way to bring them back. Every generation will need to experience them. And, the Rose (Carter) quoted it verbatim if my memory serves me...that is exactly why he wouldn't want a mate. To live while all those he loves die. It's like a personal hell for him. So, what does this say about the whole whispering of his name in his that his wife? Any other thoughts on this?
I LOVED when they ran upstairs to get away from the dalek and he said, "Levitate!" and started flying. Also, I think the Dr. should be boinking his lady friends. Also, he COULD be boinking them and just never mentioning it. You know, English accent, stiff upper lip, terribly polite.




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