Thoughts on the new Doctor: Matt Smith??

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I think Matt plays the Doctor just fine. I think the episodes move too quickly, though. They are too action packed. There's very little time for conversation, reflection. I feel like every episode is rushed and it doesn't give Matt a chance to play the doctor any other way but crazy hyper. I need a calmer doctor. Amy is a bit on the irritating side, too. I actually liked her kid character better. Still, I'm glued to the tv every saturday and am thrilled to have BBC America where I can actually see the episodes and not wait until they come out on DVD.
I think it was like that because we are essentially starting with a huge story arc...imagine if they had given away who actually is behind all of it and who River Song really is! Wow....that would have been an ear/eyefull!! Whew!! I liked the quick paced action packed series!! Kept me excited!! I think we'll see a slower pace with series 6...maybe! I think it just portrays the madness that is this Doctor.

I really like Amy....I like how she's not afraid to be herself with the Doctor...when he tells her he's taking her home...she's like um no don't think so! And remember what Moffat says.....Doctor Who is the companion's story... . :)
My dad and I have drawn a lot of parallels between Matt Smith and the 2nd Doctor Patrick Troughton. He's a bit of a hyperactive buffoon, keen on bow-ties, weird habits, young Scottish companion. A lot of the the plots in this latest series contain echoes of long lost Troughton episodes that the BBC carelessly destroyed back before production companies kept their archives.
yea, he's a lot like Troughton...In fact, I think he got a lot of traits from him and Einstein. I love the hyper gestures and weird the wringing of his hands! and the awesome stares he gives people! I love both doctors!




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