Thought we might as well make a spin-off thread dealing with Torchwood :)
Just a couple of comments to start:
Watched a scene a couple of nights ago of Jack sitting in a car holding hands with a guy who was commiting suicide by sitting in his car inhaling exhaust. Was an intense scene.
The opening of the show is incongruous with the rest of the content. It's kind of like a bookcover illustration being done by someone who's never read it. Kind of humorous really.
I don't quite understand why Gwen and her boyfriend are staying together at the point in the series I'm currently watching.
Also it seems I can't look at the Torchwood site from a U.S. IP. Interesting.

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They won't let you look at the Dr. Who one from the US either. The Brits have exclusive rights on all first run until the US debut. Did it mention when they would have the next season in the US?
I need a Torchwood thrill right now. The Doctor Who Easter special wasn't enough! I need a series. I need Torchwood.
Despite loving the premise, and being so excited about it when announce by the Beeb, I have found Tourchwood to be a little disappointing on the whole (albeit with very good stuff thrown into the mix).

There is far too much focus on the sex lives of the main characters (don't get me wrong - I like porn as much as the next man - and he assures me he is a pervert!) but for a supposed sci-fi show, going out after the watershed, there is far too much flight of fancy type stuff. I will still be watching the 3rd series when it comes out later this year, of course, but I do hope that Davis will move off and a producer more of the ilk of Terry Nation or writer like Nigel Neale or Douglas Adams will take over. There is so much potential that is not currently being exploited in Tourchwood it annoys me; it should be the best thing since the Beeb has done since the first 2 series of Blake's 7 but currently isn't...
The director/writer is gay so it would be expected that we get some shocking input of it in the shows. It has had an effect on making it more normal but I can still say eww personally since it is not my preference. I am more accepting of it though with these shows. Jack still has a female following especially Donna.
So when is the 2010 season beginning in the U.S.?



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