Thought we might as well make a spin-off thread dealing with Torchwood :)
Just a couple of comments to start:
Watched a scene a couple of nights ago of Jack sitting in a car holding hands with a guy who was commiting suicide by sitting in his car inhaling exhaust. Was an intense scene.
The opening of the show is incongruous with the rest of the content. It's kind of like a bookcover illustration being done by someone who's never read it. Kind of humorous really.
I don't quite understand why Gwen and her boyfriend are staying together at the point in the series I'm currently watching.
Also it seems I can't look at the Torchwood site from a U.S. IP. Interesting.

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...right bastards... :)...I will catch up this weekend...can't be left out. I'm sold.
yes...we are bastards aren't we ? Muhahahahaha !
Well, actually, I have watched the "kiss kiss bang bang", that was good! And, yes you are bastards. But very cool, brilliant bastards.
Yea, you temptress...anyway, I have been absorbed in the awesome-ness that is Torchwood...youtubing the hell out of it. I love a good ole fashioned youtube.
IMO opinion the car suicide scene harkens back to Bergman films in that we're left to think about what is going through Jack's mind simply by his facial expressions. Of course the scene wasn't as long as Bergman's but it's TV.
Owen! The anti-hero hero ! Gwen must be a bit if a masochist.
I still prefer the Doctor over Torchwood. I like a little lighter fair. Life is dramatic enough :)
Just watched the WW II time-rift episode. Very moving. Makes you think about all the silly, pointless rules we follow that interfere with our happiness.
Yea, I'm gonna have to get with the torrents! I have watched some of Torchwood, and I really like it. It really is more adult-themed. Sexy. Darker. Yes, I like it. And damn, Capt. Jack!!! ;)
I LOVE Sarah Jane. It's cute.
Ahhh. I can't believe you just said that...I actually thought I was crazy because no one else remembered it. What the hell was it called? lemme google it...
YES! That's it. I think about this show all the time. I can't believe this. Gah! I feel old. You are brilliant! Gotta love "mr smith"...
Finished up the first season of Torchwood last night. Last episode of the season was a bit humorous. Sleeping Beauty defeats devil at the end of the
Going to start the last season of Doctor Who tonight. It seems appropriate after that last Torchwood :)
Good times Shlarq! Good times! Enjoy!
Jack is almost as old as I am...... He is almost immortal like me. But he looks much nicer in his early years. He started looking like me as he grew older and known as BOE.



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