Who thinks the Dream Lord is in fact the Valeyard? Is it safe to assume he is? Tho the similarities are there I just can't accept it as fact....I mean, there are similarities between The Celestial Toymaker and others, too. I just get frustrated when ppl are all like "uh yea of course he is". That's like saying River Song is his wife. We just don't know for sure. 

If he is, he is...and that's awesome....can't wait to see the Valeyard!! But I'm just not up for assuming anything....especially with the Moffman at the helm. 

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I just asked my resident Doctor Who Near-Know-it-all (he's awesome)....and he claims that when they resurrect an old character....they have to pay the creator.....which is why they only have one character a series, usually. So the chances of the Valeyard being the Dream Lord is unlikely.
Moffman might imply that he is....but not as far as bringing him back. Which is the same reason River is not The Rani.

But....YOUR thoughts....cause you guys are awesome too!! :)

btw....my go to guy is Combom. ;) Credit where credit's due ...
However, it is said that The Omega is returning. That's kind of epic though...and Combom says there are more important characters to resurrect...meaning the omega. I just think the Valeyard/DreamLord connection is too obvious.....so much so that it's not. Just like River is not his wife....or the rani.....or freakin' rose for that matter. :/
I think that's what they want people to think.....but I seriously don't think he is.
I have seen that.
I like to speculate and this is def plausible...but I don't think so.
We'll see. I'm such a skeptic. Gah. :p

I think he's just a dark dream lord who used psychic pollen to mess with the doctor.
Oh and just for mis-communication reasons...I know the Valeyard is the dark side of the Doctor...That I get...I know. My question was is the Dream Lord in fact, the Valeyard? Most don't think he is.....I interview a lot of Who-bloggers. :)
Hi Gavin..it's Leslee first of all :P lol....and I'm not the only one thinking this....one of the biggest DW bloggers out there agrees with me. And you're entitled to your opinion as well.....which sounds good. :) But I'm going to have to go with the fact that he's just a Dream Lord...

I have suggested the Dream Lord could be many possible characters.....The Celestial Toymaker, the Black Guardian....but that was sort of an introduction, a prelude to my post....because I do think it was just a Dream Lord.

However, Moffet may do nothing else with this Dream Lord concept....leaving it open and available to future DW writers to do what they please with it!!
.....and i did not intend for that to sound as snooty as it does..... ;p sorry lol
And yes, with his regeneration cycle coming to a end....this does make me think these type things as well!!

I would like to see a return of the Valeyard!! I'm not denying that!! :D Exciting!
Ah the Brigadier...that'd be interesting! And fun!
And I'm all for a multiple doctor episode!! And feel free to start threads as you see fit!! :)
hahahaha it's perfectly fine Gavin...as long as you're contributing!! :D
Yea should be really good! He's all over the sci-fi realm!
Hahaha! I post in my sleep all too often. :p
as they are built of the same aspects of his personality, i don't see how the dream lord could not be the valeyard.



  The thing I have been pondering is after Matt Smith passes the sonic screwdriver to Doctor  number 12 is will hhhhhhis 12th regeneration actually be the Valeyard as it was mentioned during Colin Baker's run as The Doctor? Or does that not happen because the Universe was reboted at the end of The Big Bang kind of like what JJ Abrams did with Star Trek? I know that they are having selective amnesia with some things regarding events in the classic series and at the time Colin Baker was The Doctor, they probably didn't think that the show was going to be on for much longer let alone become a worldwide hit 20 years later. I would be interested to find out if The Dreamlord is in fact TheRailyard. :)




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