What are your thoughts on the New Doctor? On Amy Pond? On the new TARDIS!?

I love the sort of mad scientist, man in a box, wrapped up in a geeky bow tie. He has a great sense of humor and he's a force to be reckoned with. He means business and basically, "run" is what he tells his enemies. And they run. He has a keen eye for detail and though his face is one no one listens to.....they end up listening to him! 

Amy Pond is just adorable. It's nice to see a companion who is a bit skeptic of the whole Doctor thing upon meeting him. Her meeting him as a child probably helps...children are skeptical by nature. And the whole timey wimey wibbly wobbly postponements don't help with her skepticism. But she ends up trusting the Doctor and helping him save the planet. I feel she will be a great companion. She's younger, she's skeptic, she's afraid, she's curious. But I havent' seen much of her. She doesn't seem to be smart like some of the past companions. I mean, she just went off what the doctor said without really helping him along, but it was fast and furious and the Doctor was new. We'll see how her character pans out. I like her overall. She does seem fearless and ready to help though. Brave, fearless and afraid, too. 

The tardis is sexy. Sleek, beautiful, new, fresh and hot! And it still has bits of the old tardis to honor. I like the old typewriter!
 I love how it's new but is built from old miscellaneous parts. It's not about design, or aesthetics, but about function. That's all the Doctor cares about. But a nice new, layered, roomy design doesn't hurt! 

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Also, what are your thoughts on the new theme music and vortex? I think they are freakin' awesome! The whole thing is just brilliant. Great job to all!
I hate the look of the Tardis in the last 5 years and the Fox movie. I liked the modern looking version of those recessed circles! At least with a modern console, you can imagine it is a real time machine. What is with that blown glass looking column in the console? Old type writer looks stupid!

Characters are fantastic though! The Doctor is always a little bit nutty at the beginning of each regeneration.

When we first saw Amy in the cop outfit, I thought to myself, wow that skirt is short for a cop..... Never seen that before....

I wonder who she is supposed to be marrying the next day.....
I love the old typewriter....and I believe she is supposed to be marrying Rory. Idk though.
Why do i feel like every line of the eleventh doctor is made of pure win?
'I'm the doctor... basically, run.'
'oh, you sexy thing'
'yeah, shoot me i kept the clothes'
'bow ties are cool'
'14 years since fish and custard' x
I really don't know what to think of Amy Pond yet, though I'm leaning toward favorable. Matt Smith is actually a lot better than I was expecting and I think he's a worthy replacement for Tennant. The TARDIS? I love it. I think it's way cooler looking than it did before, with the exception of that gigantic stair case in the way which is ugly. There are some elements I'm not a big fan of, like the glass center piece and the typewriter. I'd prefer more steam punk widgets.

Matt Smith won me over when he walks in on the guy looking at porn and tells him to get a girlfriend. Genius!
I like the new intro sequence as well, though I think the music will take a bit of getting used to. The cloud effects are so much cooler than the comparative blandness of the old intro. Plus, it's shorter which I like.

Personally, the upon first viewing I thought the food sequence went on way too long. On second viewing however I think it's a good introduction to the new doctor and the younger version of his new companion. Also they managed to tie it in nicely with the overall story. Fishsticks and custard are two things that always made me violently ill as a child, the idea of combining the two makes me queezy.

To be honest, I'm kind of glad that RTD is out of the picture. He was a good choice for resurrecting the series but his writing style is very predictable and kitschy, it gets old fast. Steve Moffat has written the best episodes of the past few seasons, now that he's in charge I'm very excited. I was skeptical at first, but now that I've seen the new doctor in action I'm very optimistic for the future and I can't wait for the next episode.

Oh, and yes Karen Gillan is wicked hot. I wasn't so sure before when I saw pictures of her, but now, well let's just say she looks very nice.
Oh yes, and the trailer at the end. This season looks awesome if only fr one reason. Spitfires in space. Booyah.
"you're scottish. Fry Something" My BF and I laughed so hard at that! I've been quoting it for days now! Only watched it twice, might have to watch it again tonight.

I'm a huge Tennant fan, loved, loved, loved him. Especially liked him with Donna, I thought that was one of the best seasons. They just were the best of friends who liked travelling. I cried when he had to erase her memory :( :( :(

So I didn't want to like Matt Smith. He was replacing David Tennant, DAVID TENNANT! I mean... really. The show was doomed.

Well I was wrong... I like being wrong, it's an interesting unusual feeling, I must try it again sometime! I think that the new Dr is gonna be around for sometime and I can't wait till next Saturday ;)
I understand how you feel about being wrong, I tried it once and didn't like.
There will be a second viewing before Saturday, I'm hoping to get time with my son to watch it together.
It was a great opening to the series and I haven't much to add except one request. Since we have a coat rack please Please let's use it. It made me a little crazy every time the 10th doctor would toss his coat right next to it. Honestly.

hmmm, maybe I'm a bit particular. Once I used shoes on the floor to give a hint that the performers had been drinking. When asked where else shoes would be I exclaimed "On the shoe rack, of course"
Seems the verdict is out....we all love Matt Smith!
quite a relief to Matt I might add!


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