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Also, who or what do you think Clara is? 

Since she manifests in different lives, in different times, she's not just a human. Probably a multidimensional alien whose extensions into our spacetime are just slices of her larger being.

Maybe he has no fixed gender, and has been a female in incarnations we never met.

But I'd like a tour of the Tardis.

He must have committed a crime of some kind. Can't imagine anything else that would make sense.

Doctor's greatest secret: He got a mail-order degree.

Finally saw the episode. They never told us his name! Cheat!

I was a bit disappointed that Clara only became the impossible girl by jumping into his timeline. I expected a more exotic, creative explanation. But it's similar to Captain Jack's story of becoming the man who can't die, just a one time trick.

Well, we all know we'll never hear his name. River might know it, but we'll never hear it. He's 'Doctor Who?' The Doctor. I don't even wanna know his name. 

I loved this episode. I LOVE who Clara is. I think it's such a neat idea. She's always been there. I think that's pretty awesome, and creative. 

And, man I love me some Capt Jack. :) 

And now we'll have to wait until November to find out how John Hurt is as "The Doctor." I hope he gets some serious time. We were cheated when got only 5 minutes of Derek Jacobi as The Master. Oh, what a Master he could have been.




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