I'm going with The 11th Hour because well it's the first...and it was just awesome....nice meeting Matt....I love his Doctor!!

And Amy's Choice....because it was just interesting, creepy and fun! They've all been just brilliant.....difficult to decide, really!

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i loved the beast below!!!!! SAVE THE STAR WHALES

and both of the The Time of Angels and Flesh and Stone. very scary and i love river song!
oooh Totally. I love the creepy Moffat writing!!
I'm not exactly sure which air dates everyone is keeping up with. I'm following the UK's air dates, but I'm pretty sure Vampires of Venice has aired in the US. I have a silly, simple reason for that episode being my favorite. "Cab for Amy Pond!?" <-- I'd like to have that on a t-shirt.

I was worried I'd miss Tennant, but I haven't. Smith had me at, "Can I have an apple?"

The most appealing thing thus far is seeing a little bit of every Doctor in Smith. I'm a huge fan of the 2nd Doctor, Patrick Troughton. Smith's quirky, sharp and funny writing is soooo 2nd/3rd Doctor and it makes me giddy.
LOL Cab for Amy Pond...BRILLIANT !! I love it!! I loved Tennant....but I haven't missed him either. I am BLOWN away by Matt....I LOVE HIM>>>>>>L O V E HIM. I agree....Matt's doctor is so classic and I LOVE just watching him. I find myself just mesmerized by him and anticipating his every moment....and words. Can't durn wait to see him in his football shorts in The Lodger!!!!
I'm downloading them like 20 minutes after they air in the UK....so I'm on their schedule, too. :)
Agreed, enough already with the love interest thing. Its getting old.
For me the latest episode - Pandorica Opens has become the best thus far.
It's a really, really tough choice, but I think I have to go with "Vincent and the Doctor".

I was a huge fan of David Tennant as the Doctor, but I have to say that Matt Smith is really growing on me. I think he's doing a great job with the role so far.

Do you have any idea if Amy is going to be his companion for the next series? I haven't been keeping up on any DW gossip lately.
Yes, Amy and Rory will be around. Amy for sure....:)

I don't really think it's a contest between doctors....each has his own personality....his own regeneration. I love all of them....and Matt's doctor has blown me away! He's really a brilliant actor and his doctor is truly genius. I don't know what's not to like about him in the first place.

I'm not a fan of the show because of who plays the Doctor....I'm a fan of the show for what it's worth....the scifi, time-traveling, mad man in a box that's bigger on the inside thing. The brilliant stories, monsters, epic and sometimes cheesy battles, the gestures, the one-liners, the companions, the planets and the Earth battles....and how the Doctor is so clever and genius to be able to make it all better. I don't care if Rupert Grint played the Doctor (he'd do WELL, btw)....as long as the acting is brilliant, the stories are genius and lead me to suspend disbelief or be blown away and geeked out (and the writing goes with that). CGI I don't even care about.

I agree.....Matt Smith is doing a FINE job!

I am more than beyond ready to find out who and what River is.....this next series is gonna be a helluva ride!! :)
who said rupert grint would be the doctor?
I will have to admit that Colin Baker was my least favorite tho if it were a contest ;)

And yes LOL it is driving me insane, the river song thing!
LOVED Vincent and the Doctor!!!! <3




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