Ideas, anyone? ?? I'm sure you do. Now share!

My thoughts (so far)

David Bowie (for some fun and bizareness)
Bill Nighy (but his mouth thing irks me)
Daniel Craig (he would be a sort of boring but interesting doctor the first ;P)
Simon Pegg (come's simon pegg)

Meh, it's just a start....a w.i.p

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Philip Glenister (he played Gene Hunt in the BBC productions of Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes). Of course, I'd be happy with him playing either the Doctor or the Master. I just think he'd make a kick-arse Time Lord.
I'm still pulling for Rupert Grint all the way. Power to the Gingers. (He also wears some really cool t-shirts)
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I would love to see him as the next doctor...before he has to completely get a new life and start all over! He'd have to do something with his "what? what's going on?" face though :p He's brilliant!!
Tim Minchin.
Robert De Niro
Hmmmm, Tim I maybe could handle...

Robert no way :P It would have to be British....and he's a great actor...but he ain't no Doctor!! Awesome suggestion! :) lol


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