OMM is patting themselves on their backs praising the cancellation of ABC's GCB (Good Christian Bitches) because they're complaint is that this show is an offense to xtianity.  Excuse me?  This is a comedy that shows the antics of "godly" republican christian women that we are exposed to on tv via Faux Network, C-Span, ABC News and other news organizations.

If I am not mistaken.  GCB is on at 9:00 p.m. on Sunday nite.  What are young children of OMM staying up watching this show instead of being in bed asleep?  I'm like this.  If you don't like a movie or t.v. show, don't watch it, but don't deprive other people of watching t.v. shows just because it is not xtian enough.


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Their problem is simple: they don't like looking at TV when it too much resembles a mirror!

THANK YOU.  I'm waiting for their response to my email.  I will post it here.

These people claim that it is christian bigotry.  Excuse me?  Where's G-d's retribution against christians for their actions and constant bigotry?


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