I came across this today, though several months old it still holds relevance.

It is once again, The Westboro Baptists.

I cried for Mr Snyder. The funeral of his soldier son picketed. I laughed at the stupidity, but really, I was scared. Terrified in fact, that I even live on the same planet as these people. I can understand a muslim extremist more that I can understand The Westboro Baptist Church - and that is not something I even want to say.


Secondly, I was pointed to this:


Good News Week is an Australian topical news 'game' show and extremely funny. I miss watching it very much (I am an Aussie living in the US). At least this lifted my spirits about the WBC expletives.

If you have never seen this show, please watch more, it is well worth it.

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Just to add, Fred Phelps explained that the bible is about hate and god is about hate. This is really the only component that is actually true. I will give them one thing: they take the bible literally for what it is and it only proves that the bible is a book of hate and violence.




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