Summary of the Major Articles of Faith

Our Lady Unicorn is Pink and Invisible.

She prefers Pineapple and Ham Pizza to Pepperoni and Mushroom. The latter said to be eaten only by followers of the despicable Purple Oyster (of Doom).

The Followers of the IPU have more Holy Days than those of all other faiths put together, as any Holy Day of any faith is automatically an IPU Holy Day.

Holy Days are used by the Faithul to sow seeds of doubt and uncertainty in the minds of addicts of other religions.

The Holiest Day of the Year is April Ist. It is the day on which the She suggests we find a religious nut and say "There is as much evidence for the existence of your god/gods as there is for the Invisible Pink Unicorn, why don't you check out her website, may be you'll learn something?."

A significant number to followers of the IPU is 42. It is the answer the question, "What is the meaning of life the universe and everything". Importantly, if you add the digits of the year in which she was revealed togther, (1+9+9+4) you get 23. If you add 4 (for Her hooves), add 2 (Her ears) add 2 (Her eyes) add 1 (Her Horn), add 1 (Her tail) then add 9 the result is also 42. This proves the significance of Two Score and Two.

Certain chosen followers of the IPU are blessed with visitations, shown with signs in their laundry.

See the Revelation of The Lost Prophetess of AOL for more details.


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