In a comment to Katie VA's blog The Real Embarrassment to Atheism,

Anne T said, " We don't have much in common and there is no internal avenue for us to hash out our infights." [emphasis mine]


Much of the discourse here at Atheist Nexus is religion denial. We're disparaging religious ideas, mocking their delusions, debating their values. I'm sick of repeating religious memeplexes, sick of dwelling on the past, sick of refuting 2,000 year old world views.Let's move on already! It feels as if we're stuck in emotional and mental dependency as if we were teenagers still living at home. Negativity toward hated religions is no foundation on which to build a future.


Surely I'm not the only one here who's cobbling together a personal synthesis of meaning and morality. I suggest we try to summarize the key ideas, and sources, we've built upon for our personal visions of how to move forward, and then brainstorm (which means throwing out ideas without judgment). It's all too easy to criticize other people's creativity, and quite difficult to even articulate novel thoughts without a supportive environment. We can let the critiques for another discussion. Let's just begin sharing...

  • What do you see as breakthroughs pointing forward?
  • Who is worth following, in your opinion?
  • How do you put disparate pieces together?

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Tired of memes?  No way... :)

In this direction, Matt made a nice list that is a set of positive things to believe in and act on:

I'll have to think about the 3 questions because they are harder than I realized at first glance.  

Good questions, I'm going to give these some thought. 
Also, I like AnneT including Matt's response. Now, let me think. 


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