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This cartoon is from

From one of his commentaries:

"Students and intellectuals have always formed the core of revolutionary movements, but they never really get off the ground until working people join in with them. And Occupy Wall Street will keep being dismissed as a joke and a sideshow until Middle America joins in. I hate to say it, but we need the Tea Party."

When JFK gave the orders to land a man on the moon and safely bring him home, he had no idea what that task involved, the many chemicals and physics problems they would encounter, or the spin-offs that would come to all areas of our lives. He didn't know it would cost and cost three lives, $145,000,000,000, and result in the pride and unity of our people. The scientific knowledge in  labs around the world brought a different way of working as teams and beginning to think in terms of systems. 

What do we gain from war? Death, destruction of communities and cultures, encourage resistance groups, chemicals deposited on the ground and in the air that are not healthy for life forms, agriculture harmed or destroyed, disruptions to families. What did we accomplish with the loss of 2,579 USA lives and counting, $432,00,000,000 and counting, and who knows how many Afghan people? How many loaves of bread can we buy with one bullet, or how many chickens with one bomb? Let us not forget the physical and mental wounds returning warriors bring into their own homes when they return. 

In my opinion, the USA is the greatest war monger of all nations today. Instead of waging war, try a little common sense. Look realistically at how the USA participated in the fracturing of the Middle East. Do you know the history of that country and the beauty it has in its own way? Are you aware of the people's culture and how they managed to survive in such a hostile place? Do you understand how horrible our war machine is against a Bronze Age people? Think critically about what things we can do to become an energy for good, for peace, and for justice. 

Imagine, if you will, a preferred future and what needs to be done to accomplish that vision. 


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