An Iowa Supreme Court struck down its ban on same-sex marriage. But watch out! There will be an attempt to put a public referendum on a ballot in an upcoming election, and just like California's Proposition H8, knuckle-dragging conservatives will crawl out of their bunkers to vote to ban it again. Be Prepared!

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Family Research Council
Christian Political "think-tank" and lobbying organization.
A major hub of hate and bigotry. See the Wiki.
Maggie Galllagher from the National Organization for Marriage was on Hardball on MSNBC tonight.
Their site was added to my Google Map of Freethought Threats.
Here's their ad
Thank you. In my effort to track down these culprits, I overlook the groups that are fighting along side us. Groups like the ACLU, Mediamatters, TheRealNews, ADbusters, and other watch-dogs out there don't get enough main-stream media exposure.




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