Hi! I just wanted to introduce you guys to my most played song on my ipod: (play them in 480pi for the best quality)

I don't know much about music details, so I can't explain why I like it so much...
There're a few uploads of this song, but I just prefer this channel because it's much more organized.

Here's another, upbeat song I enjoy sometimes:

They both come from the labels Exit Trance / Tunes respectively, which often do remixes of songs from Japanese anime / culture.

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I pretty much think the same way, except in my cases I usually favor the remixes. Take the second song, for example.
What I do is check out the Exit Trance remixes, and if I like them, I check out the original song.
Hi, Objection.
Thanks for sharing the tracks!

If you are into this beat, I recommend checking out the old Goliath series of trance/techno albums. Hard and hi-energy!

Thanks Roy, do you know anything along the tunes of the first song? Err, like if you found the songs I posted annoying, ... I'd probably be interested in them! :D
I'm accessing my memory bank. The only Japanese music group I know is Chage & Aska. Here's an old favorite of mine from 1995, Afro Left by Leftfield.
Here is one remix that is truly an exception. Souvenir De Chine, an original track by Jean Michel Jarre from his 1982 album Les Concerts En Chine. The song was remixed into a trance track and released in 2001 by Fire & Ice. Armin played this a lot on his gigs from 2001-2002.
This song is awesome :)
Here's a high-quality upload:
Thanks for introducing it to me!
Nice. You're welcome. :)
Here's a classic Armin anthem that is a perfect companion track.




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