(S) - yes: Both of them ... Estrogen and Testosterone

I really don't want to address the 'is it legal' issue; I would like to think that
most of the people on this site have some clue as to the level of disinformation
related to 1,000's of subjects that wished to be 'regulated' by the money-holders.

I will point out that 'traditional' Therapies, regardless of intent, seem to have
an overwhelming number of greater risks inherent with 'Estrogen', (which is legal), versus 'Testosterone', which is a controlled substance.
Estrogen Therapy v.s. Testosterone Therapy risks

I will digress a bit here with this note:

From age 20 to 40, my government found it acceptable to allow me full access
to cigarettes, alcohol, junk foods and additives...
and now at age 40...
my naturally occuring testorone levels are dropping,
for obvious reasons, my body is programmed to assume I don't need it anymore.
I'm not going to reproduce, by my DNAs' standard time-windows,
and my life-expectency is not supposed to be past 75,
so why keep a tired horse pumping?
Because I am not going to simply die at 75...
I expect to hit the 120's
It is illegal for me to introduce into my system a chemical-mix that is already
in my system, just a little less than before.
I'm not an athelete, I am not a spokesperson, not a platform of anything;
Just me.
But if I was female and having hot-flashes.... I'd get my Estrogen, no problems.

Nicest Link I have about HGH Therapy for Life-Extension
... from Futurescience.com's re-print of the "Life Extension Manual"

So -

Off to the Therapy Clinics I go :
I will have my specialty tests done.
I will have my hormone-deficiency documented.
I will have my prescription filled.
I will retain my 30-something biology for as long as I can.

Please do not confuse HGH with supplements 'named' HGH and simple contain a mixture of the following: contains the following ingredients: GTF Chromium, L-Ornithine, L-Arginine, L-Lysine, L-Tyrosine, L-Glutamine, L-Glysine, Colostrum, Phosphatidyl Choline
Those are essentially "actuators" that assist or stimulate the body to producing a bit* ore testoterone, or simply providing the precursor chemical building blocks for testosterone.

totally different pickle.

Thoughts? Feedback?

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I take estrogen/testosterone (generic Estratest) and the equivalent of HGH. I use measured doses of bovine colostrum, which if you avoid eating 2 hours before and a half hour after has the effect of raising insulin like growth factor 1. IGF is what your body turns HGH into, so it has the same advantages and hazards. As far as I know the information that claims HGH increases lifespan is 180 degrees wrong. New evidence suggests that suppresing HGH increases life span. It also causes insulin resistance. I take it anyway because it supports muscle health and repair. HGH makes satellite cells, a type of stem cell, repair muscle by migrating to muscle and merging with the fibers. The nuclei of the stem cell become  new common nuclei in the fiber. I notice a big difference if I go to the gym without taking colostrum. In order to avoid sarcopenia, I'm accepting other risks.

There's new information about HGH, which works by elevating insulin like growth factor 1. Rather than life extension, it seems to cause ageing in older adults. See my post about it in Health & Fitness. I stopped taking bovine colostrum after reading the article in Scientific American.




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