Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence (SENS)

This could be more effective as a Blog post, but for now, this will suffice.

If SENS literally is to be interpreted as how to keep myself alive in the best shape I can be in until they discover the cure(s) to what will genetically kill me; then I guess this is a good list to start.

I call this the 'BASIC' package;
ie., don't expect to live too long if you do abuse yourself for 40 years.
I am not looking for converts etc., I want to know what 'else' people are doing to promote SENS in their life.

I am a non-smoker.
( off & on for 20 years, I was* a smoker. extra work for me now )
I am a very light drinker.
Veggies and Fruits and all my hippy foods yes.
Take all my vitamins and supplements.
Light to moderate exercise each day.

I have a daily food and exercise routine, nothing extra special, but something I can roughly adhere to for another 60 years easily.. that is the point of it.

Do you do anything Extra* in this BASIC category that might be of use
to others?

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It's expensive but I plan to invest in a cryonics institution just in case. I haven't yet but it's a goal I'm working towards even though I should live another 40-60 years by doing what you suggest above. I know it's a long shot at preservation but it's better than nothing and well worth the 30k-150k investment (head or entire body) for a chance of immortality if you happen to expire before we reach that level.



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