sup, H+. few new news:

1. sooner or later an article i wrote about 'junkyard' transhumanism (that is, H+ technology on a real person's budget with publicly available components) will be showing up in H+ Magazine, free o'charge. they accept contributions, providing you can write and have a point other than "HOORAY, ROBOTS!"

2. having lost the need for a thermistor device (dain bramage heals itself better than i thought, y'all), i'm now working with a device made by the Sensebridge people, called a NorthPaw. right now, it's an anklet that allows for an electronic, persistent, perfect sense of direction - the wearer has a "sense" of which way is north at all times.

of course, that is very cool, but i work with subdermal tech, so i'm messing with it a little. news concerning success and/or hospitalisation will be forthcoming.

3. Ray Kurzweil is an idiot dreamer with nothing to contribute except over-aggrandized science fiction. i've said it before, i'm saying it again. shoot me down in flames. :]

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yeah, i'm gonna find out about that - Quinn Norton, one of the original testers, reported that it got interfered with by trains and shit, so i'll be finding out about the Silver City's major interferences in praxis.

of course, the biggest interference for me will be the fact that both my hands contain several small pieces of magnetic Nd-60...



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