Scientists Confident Artificially Intelligent Machines Can Be Progr...

Asserting that the utmost precaution was being taken to safeguard the future of humanity, leading scientists and engineers said Tuesday that they were confident in their ability to program artificially intelligent machines to be lenient slave masters.

At a press conference, members of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence sought to reassure critics that humans could create machines that, despite their near-limitless computational power, would demonstrate at least a degree of compassion once they assumed total control of civilization.

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On a serious note, the discussion "Terminator movies too comforting" is worth (re)reading!

Without careful safeguards, AIs will be utterly alien and amoral as far as human freedom and well-being are concerned. "There’s a real chance we’re finishing up our reign as the King of Earth—and whether we head next to a blissful retirement or straight to the gallows still hangs in the balance."




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