What are you doing to promote H+ or what do you plan to do? Are you raising support for the cause? Do you give financial support to H+ research? Are you contributing research of your own? I'd like to hear what others are doing or why those of you who aren't don't contribute.

I myself plan to do research & development work in private industry. I want to contribute to the many little steps that build the collective of human knowledge and lay the foundation for the technologies of the future.

Currently I am in college pursuing a degree in materials science and engineering with a minor in physics. After that, I plan to go on to graduate school and get a PhD in materials science before starting my professional career.

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haha, i like that question. aside from talking about H+, both here, in discussion groups at my university and just to my crew and people i meet, which i guess doesn't do much apart from raise awareness, my main contribution is what i do, i think. if i can get a viable thermistor implanted, it'd help other people who don't have a sense of temperature; equally, if i ever develop a subdermal watch, many people would be no better off medically but way happier just because it's something a lot of people want.

as far as degrees go, i'm halfway through a BSc Hons. Computing Science, and involved in a lot of other projects. i'm tuition-loan rent-grant scum.

i get the feeling a lot of people are gonna feel bad, for not doing anything big for the cause. i just wanna encourage people to start now. start a meetup group in your community. get some buddies together, pool your funds, get a little research project on the go. hold talks in people's houses. get university professors, biologists, computer scientists, futurists, to come give lectures (they usually come for free if you ask real nice.) you don't need money or a fancy academic position to get going with it. jump in.

ps. it's not like i'm doing anything big, either. i didn't mean to sound arrogant. i just meant all of us doing something tiny adds up to something big in the long run.
Part of the reason that I ask this is to bring attention to what most of us can do in our everyday lives to contribute. Not everyone is well suited to do work on developing these technologies. All of us who wish to contribute will do so in our own way.

I like your idea of raising community awareness. I think that that's our first major challenges to overcome is to gain the support of the general public. That'll be pretty hard to do if they don't even know that we exist. ;) This is also something that all of us should be able do to contribute, even if it is just talking about it with some friends on occasion.
I can't really do much at this point unfortunately. I'm probably the only person on the island who understands even the simplest concepts of "future technology" so I'm practically isolated when it comes to H+ mentality.

I'm also a 19-yr old "high school drop-out", I dropped out of my high school a year ago after realizing that the educational system is in very bad shape. It's outdated, simplified and dumbed down science, not taken as seriously as it should and tainted with religion. I'm sorry, but if you're going to talk about the 'blasphemous' implications of contraceptives during a biology lesson you can forget it!

I'm currently working full-time to earn some cash. After that I'll settle somewhere in the UK or EU and start fresh in high school. It's very depressing right now.

All I can do right now is discuss the issue with people that don't know about it yet. I also follow Ray Kurzweil's longevity guide and take supplements to ensure I live the healthiest possible. So that, considering Ray's predictions in "The Singularity is Near" are significantly accurate, I'll have a good chance of living forever.




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