hey everyone i wanted to get some fellow transhumanist's advice. as of now i am about to start college and of course i have basically no idea what i am doing anyway i decided to go into programming first in order to establish some sort of computer background so i wouldn't be working in food service my entire life, after getting my associates i wanted to delve into a field where i can learn,study, and possibly further biomechatronics. but i am not sure how to do this i was think maybe going to robotics first and getting a bachelors and then moving into biological engineering. anyway i basically dont really know whats the first step to take in order to step into biomechatronics, cybernetics, biomedical engineering, neuroprosthetics, or even gerontechnology. does anyone have any experience,ideas, opinions or tips?

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while i usually dont trust wikipedia, it explains it pretty well:
basically the field of science that devotes their time developing devices that interact with our muscles, bones, and nervous system. though similar to the biohacking you do but it is done more for the aid of the disabled through prostheses, while my intentions are more towards prostheses that can sustain and react to the brain indefinably simply because well the body weakens over time where the brain can survive without help from the body even if it is for a limited time. my goal is to see human life prolonged, extended, or even immortalized through H+ before i move on to sensory extension or other means of H+. as for the ethics committee i dont think i will be ready for that for a while and also like i said i am just starting and have little to no knowledge to run with so for now i am more intent on learning the subject rather then looking to experiment just yet.

i would like to chat with you, and maybe you could possibly help me along and provide me with information that could be relevant. also could you explain to me your experiments that you did to your hand in detail and what applications they provided. also i dont understand what you meant by "PS. learn C"




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