How does everyone feel about asking for money to help pay some of the admin costs. The Meetup Website costs some, and if we have to pay for a room at a library or school that would cost some. Will asking for money scare you away?? Would it be better to ask for one time donation or several small donations over time??

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How about we start collecting dues after we are incorporated? Like $5.00 or so a month. This will cover any admin fees, meeting places, etc. If there is money left over, we can use it to help other groups in their efforts - like Camp Quest - or to fund other projects we might like to become involved with.
I should think the $5.00 a month should be reasonable for most. As for scaring away members, I don't think it would. But are you talking $5.00 a month for everyone who is signed up with TCA or for each person who attends the monthly meeting? I think it would not scare off new members, if it were a donation made at the meetings. This way they don't feel like they were forced into any long term contract (Like Direct TV etc.) and won't mind contributing financially as long as they are participating physically.

It's not reasonable to assume that we can have a web site, and a place to meet without it costing something.
So if it is at a restaurant, tea house etc., then we must be willing to guarantee the owner that we will spend a certain minimum to be using his real estate. And if it is at a library, university, or community center, then we must all share in the cost of this. I think we could start with the $5.00 donation next meeting, and once we know WHERE we can hang our hats for the future meetings, we should make up a budget of costs and see what we need first, and then set up a fee/donation amount.

Please let us know how much do you think is fair to support our cause??? I would rather pay once per year and I was thinking around $30?? Am I off line??




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