I don't know if this has been brought up before, but it seems to me that many aethists are Sci-fi fans. Many Sci-Fi shows, franchises, seem to lack all the "god-stuff" - as if we (humanity) had gotten beyond that.

What do you think?


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I only wish there were less mysti-scifi. All that prophet stuff in deep space nine was out of place, IMHO
I couldn't agree more Vyktor. One of the reasons DS9 is my least favorite series is the endless nonsense about the prophets. DS9 could have been great. The Bajorian stories took on many issues (race, class, politics, etc,) but most of these episodes bored me to tears with the distracting and inane prophesies and religious ceremonies.
Yeah I had the same problem recently while watching Star Trek V The Final Frontier where there was a clear god theme to the whole movie. But it turned out okay I guess after Kirk confronts the god entity and begins asking it difficult questions. I heard Rodenburry himself dismissed Star Trek V as apocryphal which is just as well because he described himself as a humanist. But I think there are a few TOS episodes that touch on god or gods(no pun intended).
The thing is that DS9 made it clear that the "prophets" were just a race of aliens that lived outside of what we considered normal space-time. I recall at least one episode where an extremely fundamentalist bajoran religious leader got upset with the Federation school for not teaching that the prophets were actually gods.
I really liked the series, especially towards the end. I liked that it was pretty clear that the prophets were really aliens functioning on a different and confusing level. I thought they seemed just as confused as they were confusing. I also liked that Bajoran/Prophet relationship was paralleled by the Founders being worshiped by the Vorta.

I also liked that on both accounts Odo didn't buy it. He always insisted on not being called a god, and during one of the later season's told Kira something along the lines of "I wish I could believe in the prophets, so that I could go to services with you, but I can't."
I didn't watch DS9 all that much. ST and ST-TNG didn't seem to have all that mystic stuff, Star Wars has "the force" but that didn't seem god-like to me. Dr. Who? Issac Asimov, etc.??




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