I'd say my favorite would have to be Dr. McCoy from the original Star Trek.

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I'm also a big fan of Q.
If you're a sucker for Data don't watch Nemisis(the movie). It's a tearjerker.
I loved Data but that movie just killed the part of me that liked him, I also like Q.
Looks like you're in luck then because there is no more Data... just like there are no more TNG movies.
oh goody no more heart break.
I always liked Spock and Data...but Worf was cool too.
First episode of TNG features Dr. Bones McCoy talking to Data. He suspects something is fishy about Data and asks him if he's vulcan to which Data replies I'm an android. McCoy then says "just as bad".
....but don't forget, Data's fully functional!
and spock wasn't?
I dunno, you saw the Vulcan in heat episode right? Anyways I was partially referring to this (NSFW)

Oh okay yeah I'm with you now Voltaire. I got to see him do that one live.




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