TOS: it has to be Spock and McCoy
Next Gen: well everyone loves Picard, upon repeated viewings i have grown more and more fond of Riker.. and of course Worf and Data are great. I coul never stand Troi - total waste of time.
DS9: I like Jadzia and Odo..
Voyager: Seven and the Doctor but all of the characters I liked (even Neelix who i think is much maligned). Though was never keen on Kes, she was a bit "wet" though.
Enterprise: Trip and Dr Phlox

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Spock: Picard, Data and Worf: Sisko, Odo and Quark: Chakotay, B'ellana and Tuvok.
Of all the characters I think I most liked Q.
Q rocks my socks.
It's really hard to choose, but if I had to I guess it'd be:

TOS: Dr McCoy, Spock
TNG: Picard, Worf
DS9: Rom, O'Brian (I liked him in TNG too, but I really like how he develops in DS9)
VGR: the Doctor, Neelix (although... I also like the way Seven's character develops thru the series)
ENT: Dr Phlox, and a tie between Trip & Hoshi

And Q
I've only seen TNG and VOY, so my list might be a bit limited. From TNG, I like Data, Worf, Picard and Guinan. From VOY, I like The Doctor, Tuvok, and Seven. And, of course, Q is the definition of wicked awesome.

I have to agree with Elessarina: Troi was a total waste of time. If not for that weird accent that Martina Sirtis felt compelled to give her, I might like her more. I also found Dr. Crusher highly annoying.
Leta go backwards, thru the void!

ENT: Phlox ,Tapal
VOY: The Doctor , Chicote(once they stopped with"there is a saying among my ppl" crap) Seven
DS9: Sisko, Jadzia
TNG: Picard , Data, Ens. Ro,
TOS: Kirk,Spock,McCoy.
Having had a blast coming up with this little list I must say all of these shows were ensemble shows. Only Picard, and Data could really carry a whole episode by them selves if the writing was good. Just my opinion. But i loved them ALL!! As well as all the films!
TOS: Scotty!!!!!
TNG: Worf 'I am not a merry man' Rozhenko
DS9: Jadzia Dax, although Ezri was pretty hot
Voyager: Chakotay
Enterprise: Archer overall but Tpol based on looks. 'hey baby, my mind or yours'
TOS: Spock
Next Gen: Data, Worf and Q
DS9: I liked pretty much all of the regulars, but my favorites were: Dax(Jadzia, Ezri, Curzon, and Joran), Dukat, Garak, Quark, and Weyoun
Voyager:The Doctor, Kes, Seven, and Chakotay whenever he was left in charge.
Enterprise: I haven't really watched much of it, its up next, after Voyager.
TOS: Honestly? Kirk, didn't hate him just not my favorite
NG: Keiko O'Brian
DS9 Keiko O'Brian
VOY: Chakotay when he's kissing Janeway's ass
ENT: Haven't really watched more than a couple episodes
Harry Kim. He and Tom Paris were my runners up.

I swear whenever Chakotay's in charge he starts spacing people. Then the second Janeway turns back up he's got his hands on his hips. "Now Neelix, you just can't go around spacing people all day. We do have standards."

TOS: Scotty, Spock, Sulu
TNG: Worf, Data, Riker
DS9: Sisko, Odo, Worf
VOY: Tuvok, Paris
ENT: Archer, Trip

Least Favorites:

TOS: Early Chekov... got a lot better after they quit with the Russia jokes
TNG: Dr. Pulaski... One reason I have trouble with episodes from Season 2
DS9: Keiko O'Brien... give Miles a break, already!
VOY: Kes... Personality Minus
ENT: Reed... haven't watched much ENT, but he always seemed so wooden
I forgot about Dr. Pulaski! Uggg, I hated her so much when I was a little kid!



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