Has anybody seen any good episode of Star Trek lately

Ya know what sucks? I don't have cable so I wasn't exactly thrilled by the dtv switch. In fact I didn't hook up the converter box till the bitter end. A local station channel 52 shows reruns of TOS and it came in clear as day on analog. Well it doesn't come in on my tv so has anybody been keeping up with TOS?

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What is TOS?
TOS would be The Original Series
They're all repeats you know! Most are good.
TOS now airs /w commercials for free online. I believe its CBS.com, but don't quote me on that. Every episode is there, you can watch it in any order you like, but the element which switches between commercials and the episode is slightly unstable and stometimes crashes.
last two weeks watched season 6 & 7 of Voy. we were way to hard on that show its pretty good. IMO.
I love voyager.. am currently watching DS9 - have not watched this show before. after this I need to revisit TOS and Enterprise
The MyTV station airs Star Trek episodes every Sunday, at 5 and 10 P.M. The last episode I saw on there was 'The Tholian Web.'
You can watch all of the episodes of TOS on hulu.com.
I just bought the remastered season 2 and watched the doomsday machine last night. I love the new remastered effects!
I just finished watching all the digitally remastered episodes of TOS on netflix online. $7.99/month. I have a 40" LCD HDTV that I have hooked to my computer using hdmi and it's just like watching tv without commercials. You can pause, rewind, fast forward, leave and when you come back, it continues right from where you left off. Of course you have to pay for your internet connection and it helps to have a high speed internet connection. I currently am in the third year of Enterprise.
I bought all those in a boxed set! Worth the money!

I have the boxed set as well. I really like the trivia/commentary mode for some of the episodes. It is like watching the old pop up videos :)

City on the Edge of Forever is my favorite TOS episode!


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