Has anybody seen any good episode of Star Trek lately

Ya know what sucks? I don't have cable so I wasn't exactly thrilled by the dtv switch. In fact I didn't hook up the converter box till the bitter end. A local station channel 52 shows reruns of TOS and it came in clear as day on analog. Well it doesn't come in on my tv so has anybody been keeping up with TOS?

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Is that the one with Edith Kealer?
Yes. Very good!

A runner up IMO is "Is There In Truth No Beauty?"

A race so ugly that one look will make you insane.

Are atheists that ugly? Can someone face up to the ugliness inside of them?

I need to go back and watch "Conscience of the King" for a fanfiction I'm writing. x.x Things have been very busy, lately, though...

Yeah! I like how Star Trek connects to Shakespeare on so many occasions!
One of my favorite episodes of TOS is  A Taste of Armageddon. In that episode two worlds are fighting an artificial war by way of computers. When an area has been destroyed and deaths result "theoretically" those people must report to real disentigration chambers. All of this serves to prevent a real war at the cost of people dying in a probability model. Kirk and company ultimately stop this practice and force the two worlds to consider peace. It is powerful as a concept and a chilling comparison for me to Logan's Run and 1984.
I like all the episodes - it's so hard to choose one. Amok Time has always been one of my favorites.




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