What gender were Captains Kirk, Picard, and Archer? What ship did they captain? Now think about ships the Enteprise met. How many were controlled by females? Now consider Captain Janeway. What ship did she captain? How does that ship compare to the Enteprise of her time?

What can we say about our society in view of this evidence?

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When Roddenberry first made the pilot episode the first officer was a female played by his wife Majel Barret. The studio did not approve of the strong female lead and the women officers wearing pants. So Roddenberry had to bend to the network's wishes to get the show aired.  Roddenberry was progressive and humanistic in his thinking.  He was ahead of his time. He got a lot of shows past the censors because the network did not recognize the progressive ideas in the story line because of the alien races and such. 

I realize the show has evidence of sexism.  However, I enjoy the shows anyway.  The show is a mirror of the culture we live in.  However, there are many episodes that show strong women in reversed sex roles.  I could list all the episodes for you -- but I think you know them already.

I actually met Majel Barret-Roddenberry at a Star Trek Convention and got her autograph!

I was not saying that Roddenberry was the reason why the sexist evidence has permeated the series. I merely pointed out that sexism exists in the series and that is a reflection of our society. I love much of the Star Trek Universe, but that does not make it perfect. I hope that atheism eventually eliminates bigotry and sexism and lives up to the ideals in the Star Trek Universe.

"I hope that atheism eventually eliminates bigotry and sexism and lives up to the ideals in the Star Trek Universe."

I hope for this too.

Yeah I know you didn't say that -- I was just pointing that out to you.

Plenty of evidence, sadly. Gene's dream was dashed by TV's conservatives. So, sexism and homo/bisexual/transsexual erasure rear their ugly heads
Sadly true Vyktor.

This reminds me of the Nichelle Nichols/Martin Luther King story. I am going to present the gist of it-  She was considering leaving the show at some early point because she did not feel that her character was strong enough/developing enough. Dr. King met with her and told her that she could not leave the show. He told her that she was a strong/intelligent African American woman on television and that people could look to her as an example. It worked and she remained. I think that she is one of the strongest female characters in Star Trek.

:0 :) :0

I remember reading about that interaction. Dr. King was right. She was a breakthrough character in those days. Did you know the first inter-racial kiss on TV was on Star Trek?

Yes! That is a great story as well. Kirk and Uhura are forced to kiss. I understand that the execs were nervous and required a second take. Shatner crossed his eyes on purpose to ruin that shot, so they would have to use the shot with the actual kiss.

Go Shatner!!

Yes, I know about the first inter-racial kiss.  I have many books on Star Trek and trivia about the series.  Do you have those Star Trek Compendium books?  I have all of them.  In the books they describe each episode with a history and behind the scenes story about it.  You find out all sorts of things about the series.


No, I don't have the Star Trek Compendium books. They sound great. Thanks for the link.

May I ask you this question: How did you find my very old discussion?




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