Anyone here watch these? Do you have a favorite episode?

I like "To Serve All My Days" Walter Koenig guest stars in the episode.

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 Yelp, I watched some of them last month when hula(rip off)showed the free Voyager episodes. I was pretty caught up in not missing Voyager because at the end of the month, I'd have to pay to view, but, I can tell u that I watched enough to say that, God, I hate to say it, sucked, there,.. I did it ! I'll betcha I burn in Hell for that, for sure ! Shit,.. I might just set myself on fire! I deserve it! What an asshole I am ! Forgive me, for I have sinned lol . Seriously, it's awful, but, it might could be good. Hard to say,...Koenig couldn't act if you were to put a gun to his head, however, he was pretty good on the original. This poor show needs so much, a plot would help, that is to say, one that makes "a little" sense.Too many jump cuts, audio problems, all sorts of "cheap' tricks" that never work, all kinds of problems. I worked in TV production for years, but, I don't even believe that my creative genius could bring this baby back from the 'jaws of cancellation". That's my review !




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