I suppose we've all seen them at one point or another: Star Trek fan-produced YouTube videos attempting to add to the original five-year mission of Kirk and Company or creating entirely new plot lines in that universe.  I've seen a few myself, and while they have their moments, mostly they are pretty sophomoric - decent effects but hardly theater-grade and mediocre acting.

Now, however, comes a group who are pretty clearly serious about producing a Star Trek story which is professional and polished in every aspect: StarTrekAxanar.  For some time now, they have been working on a feature-length motion picture, telling the story of a massive conflict between the Federation and the Klingons in the time before James T. Kirk captained the USS Enterprise.  That story features a character we originally met in The Original Series: Garth of Izar, a young, highly talented starship commander whose actions during this war will be crucial to future of the Federation.

This group just released a preface to their magnum opus - Prelude to Axanar - setting the stage and characters and actions which precede the feature film to come.  This is not some half-baked fan flick.  This is SERIOUS, at least from where I sit, and I think it is worthy of your attention.

Please have a look.

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A great tribute to Ken Burns. As you say, well-written, well-acted, well-produced. It left me wanting more...and TOS usually leaves me bored these days. Kudos to all involved.

Thanks for the comment, Stephen.  As I understand it, Star Trek - Axanar will be premiering late in 2014.  I'll keep my eyes open and post any news here.


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