One of the strong facts about trek, aside from the ethical and social values is the technology which is more or less possible. So, given humanity's current progress, which one do you think we're likely to see? I'm hoping for warp drive (Alcubierre drive!), but we're more likely to see antimatter in high production, and weapons.

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Well apparently, and I hope you think this is as weird as I do, Star Trek has already influenced modern technology.

The Star Trek franchise has influenced the design of many current technologies, including the Tablet PC, the PDA, mobile phones, and the MRI (based on Dr. McCoy's diagnostic table). It has also brought to popular attention the concept of teleportation with its depiction of "matter-energy transport." Phrases such as "Beam me up, Scotty" have entered the public vernacular. In 1976, following a letter-writing campaign, NASA named its prototype space shuttle Enterprise, after the fictional starship

As far as technology goes I'd rather our civilazation progess to the point of the ideals expressed in TOS, where poverty, war, and discrimination among earthlings has all but died out. Ironically after all that I wouldn't mind having my own hand phaser... and maybe some Romulan ale.
Let me remember my recipe for romulan ale, the earth version is apparently as strong as the true romulan I think.
I have some romulan ale on my bookshelf. Sold at the Star Trek Experience in Vegas. Haven't opened it yet, but looks to be blue beer. I think it will be better off as a collectors item than a viable source of refreshment!
You forgot the Bluetooth ear peices. Pity that the design hasn't improved much! Yeah, I think it would be pretty cool to have FTL and transporters, but on the other hand, I would like to see more advances in medicine: Regrowing livers by taking one pill!
Stem-cell research and gene therapy is headed in the direction of growing new organs, my wife who is a nurse and nurse manager is wanting greater development in scan technology, hand held. This is something that may actually come about before the century is out.
For me it's space travel it self. Getting our asses out of low earth orbit and back into outer space!! I think our space program has stagnated long enough. And ultimately the exsistance of our species depends on leaving this planet. And it has to be reasonable and somewhat comfortable travel, no 3 man capsules on a shoestring.
I say we build a vessel and go for Mars!. Honestly, I've always dreamed of traveling through space
Agree whole-heartedly. Why aren't we out there? Where has our wonder and curiosity gone?
IPODS, Microsoft!! cell phones.......the creation and evolution of each of these items is directly related to Trek inspiration according to their inventors.
Kindle is pretty much the PADD.
I don't what's likely, but I can't tell you how many times I've sat in traffic wishing for a transporter.
I had a dream the other night. I don't remember it completely but there was someone in the dream who was telling me that replicator/transporter type technology that could handle more than just one particle (as they have already done) will be announced soon. I am trying to remember how they said it worked. It had something to do with the rate of particle decay...or something like that. It was'nt like we were going to have replicators/transporters tomorrow, but the first technology will be there soon for devices of this nature to be built upon.

Yes, I have strange geeky dreams LOL Let's hope this one comes true.
I think that we'll be able to grow Picard a new heart instead of that gizmo he has in there now :\




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