Star Trek – "The Doomsday Machine" Revealed (Shem von Schroeck)

One of the best second-season episodes of Star Trek – The Original Series was "The Doomsday Machine," the story of a planet-killing device wrecking havoc in our galaxy, the toll it took on a starship commander, one Matt Decker, and what it took to destroy something clearly designed to be indestructible.  It was an episode full of action, tension and drama, each balanced against the other, which is likely why it is so highly considered.

It also has a great deal of nuance to it, particularly involving music, camera usage and cast, which may elude or be unknown to the casual viewer.  Shem von Schroeck set himself the task of bringing out some of these elements, with the assistance of Norman Spinrad, who wrote it, and Eddie Paskey, who played the redoubtable "Mr. Leslie" of so many Star Trek adventures.

I post it here for your edification.  Please enjoy!

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Loren, I remember that episode! It was memorable and I had no idea all the things they did to make it. How do we access it? 

What a great way to start a day of packing!

I checked YouTube, and while it has clips, it unsurprisingly does not have the complete episode.  Netflix, Hulu or some other service likely has it and the rest of The Original Series available.

Thanks, I don't usually watch fiction these days, it doesn't interest me. Star Trek is worth the time. I loved it. 




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