Of all the stories told in the seven years of The Next Generation, this one may have a singular claim to uniqueness.  It struck me from the first time I saw it, especially the conversation between Dathan and Picard, each telling ancient stories of their culture to the other and from that, well ... Sokath, his eyes opened!

If there is magic in this world, it is made of stuff like the scene below.  Darmok and Jalad on the ocean, indeed.

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Great episode!!

This episode is sublime.

It's unique for media, but such story telling has gone on for ages.  I'd dare say since humans learned to sit around a fire, sharing food and drink.  That is how even today's myths evolved into what they are today.  Not necessarily where one person dies, but sharing often where the person goes back to his tribe and shares the stories.  Humans love stories.  The problem is, metaphor, allegory, etc sometimes gets taken literally.

It was a very good episode and good example of two people from two different groups struggle against one foe, but only one survives to take his memory of the person and his stories back to his people.  As long as there are humans on earth and people on other planets, people will share stories, even adapting them to their culture.  It's what we do with those stories that matter.


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