I know I'm opening a can of worms here by asking that age old question Kirk or Picard or _________(insert captin's name here).

Vote for best Captain!

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Yes but would you agree that Riker filled the Kirk role in TNG? I'd hate to say it but he's almost a carbon copy of Captain Kirk. As is Data to Spock. As is O'Brien to Scotty. Oh crap it's happened hasn't it, I'm a hopeless fanboy.
When I was a kid and TNG was new our nick name for Riker was "Rekirk".
That's a good one!
I've always been a sucker for a chick with curly hair but Uhura was pretty hot too. Wouldn't really mind having a 2009 bikini calender with both of em. Yar was pretty hot too. Talk about a calender that would make any virgin trekkie drool.
Riker never seemed to feel entitled to female attention the way Kirk did.
Cool Topic.

Jeff..Regarding your comment on Riker filling Kirks role.
I always thought the dynamic of the id, ego and superego were the metaphors Kirk, Spock, and Bones filled in their role with G. Roddenberry's orig cast. The interaction of these 3 characters in each episode always fascinated me.

I didn't see the same depth in TNG of character symbolism, although there are some character similarities. Does anyone else see any similar character dynamics in TNG?

Kirk 1 vote here
Picard, without question.
2 Votes Picard.
"I'd make it a three-way tie between Uhura, Jadzia Dax, and Hoshi."

That sounds a lot like something I'd say. Ameen are you sure we weren't seperated at birth?

Liked the original series but didn't like Kirk? That's the kind of logical paradox that blows up robot heads. Although I wouldn't say Kirk is my favorite I do actually like him as a character.
Janeway is my choice!!!! In addition to being both strong and compassionate she was also so intelligent - a diplomat, a scientist/ engineer and a thinker.

Although I must admit, my very first crush as a little kid was on Captain Kirk.
You know people say I look a lot like a young William Shatner.

A couple of votes for Janeway this is certainly getting interesting. Although I'm not exactly in love with Janeway after TNG ended Voyager had a lot going for it and is by far the best Star Trek series after TNG.




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