I know I'm opening a can of worms here by asking that age old question Kirk or Picard or _________(insert captin's name here).

Vote for best Captain!

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Reckless abandonment of regulations and hairpieces all around...

My sentiments exactly!
For me, t's a tie between Captain Picard and Captain Janeway. I love them both for different reasons.
Oops! I meant it's a tie.
Just out of curiosity, is anyone keeping count of the votes? Oh, and lest I forget, a second vote of mine to Janeway :)
He did command the Defiant... when it got its ass handed to it by the Borg cube in the beginning of Star Trek: First Contact... But seriously, though, Worf is probably my favorite Trek character of all time. I always found that his struggle to balance his Klingon heritage with his Federation upbringing (along with 11 total seasons on television between TNG and DS9, plus 4 movies) made the character deep, nuanced, and compelling to watch (I also really like Klingons, and have to second the earlier comments about Gowron... Robert O'Reilly really reveled in that role. Martok was a really cool character as well after that business with the Federation/Klingon alliance breaking down got ironed out...). Worf also had command of the Defiant a few times on the series, and temporarily kept his quarters aboard her as well (until he and Jadzia started sharing quarters...).

An interesting anecdote I heard once about that opening scene of First Contact: During the premiere screening, Avery Brooks (Sisko) and Michael Dorn (Worf) were sitting next to each other. During the battle with the Borg, when the Defiant flies into the scene with Worf in command and NO OTHER DS9 REGULARS, Brooks reportedly leaned over and said to Dorn, "I don't remember giving you permission to take the Defiant..."

Picard, the ultimate Renaissance man. He'll always be my captain!
Kirk, all the way. My favorite character is Spock after that McCoy or Scotty. My all time favorite engineer is definitely Scotty. I wish I could have a doctor like McCoy.
My favorite character is Spock as well. I am quite fond of that Vulcan.
M5. Total badass. Didn't wait around for scuzzy aliens to vaporize his crew but went ahead and took care of that himself.

After that I'd go with Captain Dunsel, then Commodore Matt "Don't you think I know that?!" Decker. Then Frasier, The Cutest of Borg, and Christopher Pike.
M5 was a force to be reckoned with. Cool choice!
James Kirk. Captain of the Enterprise. In a side-by-side, none of the others come close.

Really though the comparison isn't fair. All the others are more well-rounded characters, complete with flaws. And they had the benefit of years and years of episodes where their personalities could be honed. Kirk was a capital-haich Hero whose only flaws have come with changing attitudes in the culture.

But what we got to see of the nuanced Kirk--it was there, you just had to watch--he was intriguing. I hope that Chris Pine will look to some more well-rounded influences as he continues assaying the role, because Jim Kirk was many things, but he was never Han Bloody Solo!



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