Woah I've been gone for a long time. Let's settle this trekkie/trekker debate. Now then both titles seem rather meaningless because the wide diversity of Star Trek fans can't seem to agree what the defination of either are.

Some people claim the difference from trekkie and trekker is trekkers are OGST(Original (Gangsta) Star Trek in other words TOS fans) and trekkies are fans of TNG. Apparently Trekkers watched the show when it was originally aired(or prior to the release of TNG or the motion pictures) and are thereby superior to all star trek fans. Trekkies are people who jumped on the band wagon after TNG was aired and of course there are Niners who are fans of DS9 and I have no freakin clue what they call Voyager or Enterprise fans(if there are in fact any Enterprise fans out there).

Now with that definition out of the way we have the next one that also deals with quite a bit of elitism. Some fans claim that trekkers are casual fans who can even been seen at conventions but just like the goofy squares at Ren festivals they don't dress up in appropriate attire. Trekkies are the hardcore dorks who show up in starfleet uniforms and vulcan ears and forehead ridges and leather and computer components like they went shopping at a circut city that also sells fetish wear. In this definition trekkie is used as an insult.

And then there are people like me and apparently Gene Roddenburry who dismiss the trekker title and call all star trek fans trekkies. I.E. at a star trek convention long ago Roddenburry let the word trekkie slip and a member of the auidence yelled back "it's trekkers" to which roddenburry replied "it's Trekkies I should know I invented it."

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I'd go with Gene's definition. Besides, trekkie sounds nice. Trekker makes me think of a hiker of sorts, rather than a Star Trek fan.
I personally like Trekker, but that's me.
I guess it's a matter of personal comfort. To be honest I'd never heard the term trekker before I created this group.
Im with you and Roddenberry. My wife and I wear the term trekkie with pride. And no we dont wear uniforms but love those who do.
I completely agree with you on this one.
A fair assessment. "Trekkies" is the original term so that's what I've always gone with, but I've also always thought the whole debate was just nit-picking. I mean, how much does it actually matter?
I am so a Trekkie but thats my opinion. I mean no disrespect to any Trekkers but Roddenburry had the general gist of it.
I always use the term "Trekkie"
The differentiation I learned was: "I'm a Trekker - I have a life!"

This was on the basis of those Star Trek fans who obsess about details, know Yeoman Rand's cabin number, etc, etc, ad nauseum. My own data is as follows:

  • Became a Trekker 8 September, 1966 (if you don't know the significance of that date, why are you here?)
  • Have the complete TOS on Blu-Ray, as well as a couple on DVD and LaserDisc.
  • Watched all of TNG and most of DS9 and Voyager and maybe the first year and change of Enterprise.
  • Noted that each of the subsequent series took a while to "come up to speed:" find their identity and make sense of themselves and their characters.
  • Think that STII: TWOK is the best movie they've done, with ST: First Contact a close second
  • Am not certain I have words for STV:TFF
  • Am somewhat amazed at J. J. Abrams chutzpah with his near-complete redefinition of the idiom with his 2009 movie

I'm a Trekker. "Trekkie" to me sounds juvenile and off-putting and regardless of Roddenberry's attitude, I'll maintain my own label, thankuverymuch.
I like Trekkie. I agree with Vyktor, Trekker sounds to much like some kind of a hiker.
I did the whole dress-up and RPG Star Trek: Next Generation thing. I have always thought of myself as a Trekkie, but I have no problem with Trekker or anything else that people may choose to label themselves with for the love of Star Trek.

Trekker always tickles my funny bone because it reminds me of the Dr. Demento song, "Star Trekkin'." I know it's terribly irreverent, but it was just such a catchy tune. I used to sing that song over and over again when I was a teenager and drive everyone in the house crazy.
Dude I love ENT and VOY, though I want to watch DS9. So I'm a Trekkie.


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