I collect all kinds of Star Trek stuff. I have all the DVD's of the shows (all different series) and all the movies.

Then I have some figures and ships.

I also have a Tricorder and Phaser and Communicator.

What are some of the things that you are collecting?


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Very nice! We have a large collection of DVDs, a ship (next Gen) and a phaser. I have a uniform (Uhura) that I'll be wearing again this weekend at Dragon*Con. It's very likely that I'll be coming home after the Con with some new items.
That's so awesome.  I have a costume of the Science Officer complete with the Tricorder and all.  You will have to post what cool items that you got from Dragon Con.  Lucky you!
I was collecting Star Trek items from The Franklin Mint seveal years ago (they no longer deal in these items) which were Star Trek ships from the different series made of pewter. I had two that were made made of metal which were the USS Enterprises 1701 and 1701 D. They were stolen in 2004 and worth about $5,000. I was not able to replace them.  
Sorry to hear that they were stolen.  Did you have any pictures of them?
Nice.  I'm not collecting anything of real value except to me.  TV Guides, pics which some have autographed personally to me, games, movies, books, and that's about it.
That sounds cool.  I have an autographed picture of Majel Barrett as Mrs. Troi.  It is special to me.
Mine is too.  :)
That is so cool!
I have most of STTOS paperback books from Pocket Books ( 100+)
I am still trying to get all those Pocket Books - I think I have close to 50. I get them whenever I can.

I used to have several items, but have shared them with others over the years. I do have the following...

 a little bust of Mr. Data that I purchased at the 40th anniversary Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas

 an andorrian bobble head that I aquired from the Sci Fi museum in Seattle

 a little Hallmark Trouble with Tribbles ornament that drops little tribbles from the top

& a set of original drinking glasses (featuring Kirk, Spock, Mccoy, and Uhura)

That's awesome Reason Voyager!  I love Mr. Data! One of my favorite characters. I keep collecting things too.  I love those Tribbles!



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