I just saw the above question asked of A|N member Steve Shives on a video of his, and I recall seeing a group on another board I used to work which asked the same question.  So, I thought I would throw this query out to the Trekkers and Trekkies on Atheist Nexus and see if I could stimulate some conversation from it.

My answer is the same one as when I responded on that other board: Miles Edward O'Brien:

I like Miles because he's a troubleshooter, like I am.  He's not interested in management or being in charge of other people.  He's a skilled diagnostician who likely knows the Enterprise or whatever vessel or facility he's assigned to as well as it can be known.  Problem-solving is an enjoyable and enlivening task for him, and he takes to it as a fish does to water.  Granted that, on Deep Space Nine, he is Head of Operations and as such probably is in a command position, but this is a guy who likes to keep his hands dirty, to stay in the game and be involved in the process rather than being apart from it.

So no, I don't want to be Kirk or Picard or any of those guys.  Give me a malfunctioning warp core or an EPS conduit which needs realigning or a recalcitrant transporter - AND the knowledge to understand and repair it - and I'd be as happy as a sunny day.  Oh, and should I mention, I'd gladly tip a pint of Guinness with Miles when our shift is over!

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Oh this is easy.  When I was in grade school, my best friend and I would argue about who'd be Uhura.  In the end she was Uhura and I was nurse Chapel.  Seems I got the better end of the stick, looking back because Majel got Gene.  :D

If we are talking TNG or DS9, I would be Lwaxana Troi.  Second to that would either be Deanna or Beverly.

VOY- the answer is obvious- Janeway.  :D

Oh great question - for the original series Spock.

And for The Next Generation Data.

That wasn't just a wig.  Based on what I remember from a piece that was done on NBC's Today show (about a zillion years ago!), there were THREE separate pieces to Yeoman Rand's hair ... which she got shut of by the time of Star Trek III, as she watched a seriously wounded Enterprise return to spacedock.  Yeah, that was her!

I like the B-52's too - yeah I like her too

I gotta go with Ishka, aka. "Moogie" from DS9. Being a Ferengi has some pretty distinct advantages, especially when you're one as wealthy and powerful as Ishka. I'd be the bringer of massive social change for my people, bringing women out of the home and into clothes! I have a new heart, raised ears and many happy years of retirement on Risa ahead of me. Not to mention my son is the Grand Nagus and my grandson the first Ferengi in Star Fleet--sure to be a very profitable alliance!


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