I thought that, overall, it was great. I though the actors that they chose were perfect, and I really liked the acting, special effects/cg, music, story, etc. There were a couple of things I'm not sure about though: 1) Uhura and Spock?! come-on... really? 2) the whole alternate time line ending. I mean, I understand why they did it... it gives them the freedom to follow a whole new set of adventures for the same characters, but doesn't it sort of make everything that follows in the ST universe irrelevant?

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I'd say adequate. I wasn't disappointed, but not all that impressed. I think they set themselves up to do some cool things in a sequel though

To me, the biggest annoying thing was that there was an life supporting ice planet (ala Star Wars one climate per planet theme) close enough to Vulcan for Spock Prime to stand on and watch Vulcan's destruction. WTF? Why hadn't we heard of this place before and how was it close enough to see Vulcan as big as the harvest moon in its sky but not so close as to get totally and quickly screwed up by Vulcan becoming a singularity?

And where was Kirk's older brother?

Did anyone else get the impression that Kirk and Spock were growing up at close to the same time instead of Spock being much older?

The Uhura/Spock thing was a gigantic WTF moment for me. Zoe is beautiful but her character was written as set dressing and a conflict for the main characters to run into, no more. Spock has been watered down into a human with funny ears. Don't get me wrong, I adore Zachary Quinto, I think he's delectable and I feel better lusting after him as Spock rather than as Sylar but the portrayal of Spock this way... it's going to take some getting used to. It helps to think of this film as not Star Trek.

That said - I frelling adore Simon Pegg as Scotty and I want to see more. I was also really impressed by Chris Pine's performance as Kirk. I had expected him to be too much of a pretty boy to pull off the rough and tough side of action figure Kirk but he did a great job.

Overall I liked the movie. I'm excited about possible sequels. Maybe they just made Spock have a romance with Uhura to avoid the Pon Faar issues with planet Vulcan being gone? I'm just trying to convince myself they've got this figured out beforehand.
Yeah. I think they have got it all figured out. ya consider that the writers are true trekkies. The Spock and Uhura thing little hard to take, I just had to go with it. And despite the way they look the same age ( they did in TOS as well) I got the distinct impression that Spock was older and had been in Star Fleet for a few years.
I agree about the Ice planet problem BUT, all the series have little mistakes like this, lets just hope we don't end up with fighter craft ala WWII fighting over a giant Klingon Deathstar.
I haven't seen it and I don't want to--for the same reason that Enterprise was a bad idea.

I started watching Star Trek with TNG. TNG had a very cool look for most of it's lifespan, and I loved it's high-technology vibe. Everything was good. Even things that kill us today, like being cut in half, could be fixed. In some cases, anyway.

DS9 was a weird consolation to vague spiritualities and doesn't mix well at all with the Q and such from TNG. And Voyager was... It was. It was good, it seemed, in the days before it seemed more like Kate Mulgrew was made of overacting and Seven was a clear "Hey, all you closet homosexuals, we feel your pain; mostly 'cause we still haven't really put any of you on in this franchise."

Then, Enterprise. They hyped that crap like hell. And I saw five seconds of content and some intro, and I realized that this was not a beautiful vision of the possibilities of the tomorrow to which I aspire, but a blatant ripoff of the interior design of the "lol let's give Earth some ships" ships from Stargate and eight times more military. I don't want to watch dissatisfied people in a steel box risk their lives--I'll join the Marines in a time of war if I want that.

So, seeing the ads for the new Star Trek movie, I recognized the same. I don't want to watch people in a time of a difficult technological transition--I want to see the end product that's actually inspiring.
I loved the movie great action good spock on kirk that said a few things bugged me.
Spock and Uhura i mean maybe they wanted to humanize a "younger" spock before he got rid of his emotions or what ever. But yeah ok the thing the bugged me the most was the destruction of Vulcan idk why just kindof hurt oh well.
I was a Star Wars fan first anyway ;)

But all that said I'm going to buy the movie the first second it is released, and will hope for another. But what do we do with TOS and the rest where does it go from here do they go on there five year mission as planned and its all the same cept no Vulcan?

I'd kinda like to see a TNG of this alt. universe maybe that could be the squeal?

Also would this be considered cannon in the basic universe or would it more like the mirror universe?
Anybody heard about deleted scenes with klingons that may be on the upcoming dvd release? I would like to see their take on the klingon appearance.



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