I thought that, overall, it was great. I though the actors that they chose were perfect, and I really liked the acting, special effects/cg, music, story, etc. There were a couple of things I'm not sure about though: 1) Uhura and Spock?! come-on... really? 2) the whole alternate time line ending. I mean, I understand why they did it... it gives them the freedom to follow a whole new set of adventures for the same characters, but doesn't it sort of make everything that follows in the ST universe irrelevant?

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I agree.. the cast was perfect, the jokes were hilarious! Scotty was brilliant, Pine did a great Kirk, and Quinto is a great Spock!! Who knew Winona Ryder would play his mom???!!! The special effects were awesome, as was the music. I love it sooo much and cannot wait for it to be out on DVD!!
Only if you want it to be irrelevant. I really think this was the best way to go it just opens all back up. And we still enjoy that ...other universe, hell I grew up in that other universe, but Im very excited about the freshness.
And o....I loved the movie!!
I agree they could have made the strong women in the movie a little stronger--Uhura could have definitely shown us more (I love the original, the one and only Uhura)...but I would rather have seen more of her in action, instead of her just talking about it. But it was a different time, place, and movie, and she was just finding her groove! ...and I loved it all the same.
Dangit looks like someone beat me to the punch. Oh well that's what I get for sitting on my hands.
So what did you think Jeffrey??? :) or :( ... :)
I think it's safe to say :|


Oh boy did you open a Pandora's box.

I went in fully prepared to hate it. Blame it on my overly critical and suspicious mind that usually stops me from enjoying almost anything. I say I was fully prepared to hate it because prior to the release common knowledge was that this was a precursor to TOS(the original series). So I began thinking hmmm.... how come Kirk and Spock never mentioned this throughout TOS and the 6 TOS movies. As Spock would say the logical conclusion would be an alternate time stream. Believe it or not I came to this before seeing the movie and with only seeing previews. The only article I read prior to seeing the movie was an interview in Game Informer with Leonard Nimoy about giving advice to the new Spock. Okay so it was less of a conclusion and more of suspicion but my instincts are rarely wrong which pisses off friends and family members because I never miss an opportunity to say HAHA I told you so! I also knew JJ Abrams was involved and ever since I stopped getting jerked around by Lost I decided never to watch anything JJ Abrams was involved in. I think my first thought was "Oh fuck the Lost guy did this. The whole damn thing is going to be one long annoying flashback". Plus I love Star Trek and the movies. I'm a huge TOS trekkie. I was very uncomfortable with the idea of doing a prequel. Just look at Star Wars. Most of the Star Wars fans hated the prequels and it's been my position that we should be moving forward in a timeline rather than backward even though Kirk and Spock are very special characters and I think close to everyone's heart. I also had the impression that they wouldn't be catering to supernerds like myself but trying to suck in a new audience. This made me as TOS fan feel insulted. So I had my doubts but at the same time I was like OHHHHHH YEAH STAR TREK IS BACK BABY! If enough people liked it this might mean a Star Trek revival at the very least a sequel to this movie at the very most a new series. I was pointing out errors throughout the entire movie. I'm sure my friend got tired of it and his opinion of me probably dropped a bit(my inner nerd doesn't usually show when I'm around my friends). The first of which was when I yelled at my friend "but Kirk was born in IOWA HE SAID SO!" But during the movie I found myself laughing like everyone around me and occasionally clapping unlike everyone in the theater. I was a little disappointed when they made fun of Chekov's accent... unfortunately I laughed my ass off just like everyone else. I'd say my biggest disappointment(even more so than the destruction of Vulcan because I admire the Vulcans) was that in making a new Star Trek from the old Star Trek they rendered the entire original series and everything afterward meaningless. So I had mixed feelings about the whole thing. If I wasn't such a major trekkie I'd have absolutely loved it. Theoretically I hated it. On the whole I loved it but my appreciation of the show kept me from enjoying it completely. Does that make sense?
I was tending to agree with you about the irrelevance issue (as I said when I opened this thread), but it's been a week now since I saw it and the whole idea is growing on me. It just depends on how you look at the situation. Everything in the old ST universe is still valid as long as you accept the idea of an alternate time line and an alternate ST universe. It certainly wouldn't be the first time we've had an alternate universe in Star Trek. BTW, I thought Scotty was great. And, as far as Chekov's accent goes... I've always thought it was funny anyway because it was so over the top.
I agree..and so was Chekov's wig!! (Over the top)
My position hasn't changed. I'll probably buy the dvd when it comes out might even buy the two disc special edition but I wasn't impressed enough to go to Burger King and buy the glasses or run out and buy all the memorabilia I can get my hands on. When I heard there was going to be a new Star Trek I guess I was hoping it'd sync in with the series. Besides the whole alternate timeline thing, as you said, has been done before in just about every Star Trek series. Difference is by the end of the episode everything was back to normal or at least relatively so. Simon Pegg was great as Scotty aside from maybe Craig Ferguson I can't imagine a better Scotty. I've got to disagree with what everyone's saying about the casting though. In the beginning I kept saying they wouldn't be too interested in casting people that looked similar to the TOS actors but putting together a cast that were young and pretty. In my opinion that's exactly what they did. Throughout the entire movie I just kept thinking how much of a teenager Kirk looked like. I know it sounds contradictory after everything I've said but I did like the movie but I'm such a hardcore Trekkie there's no way they could have made this movie without offending me.
I think a lot of the hard core Trekkies even enjoyed this movie...wonder what Stephen Goldin thought of it...I think he enjoyed it even after around 40 years of hard core Trekkieness!!
I liked the movie, and I thought there was great respect for the original series.


Uhura and Spock together was hot, and I was amused at the inside jokes right down to the micro-minies, the green hottie and
"Are you out of your Vulcan mind?" (made me laugh out loud).
Thought the events on the class M planet were a bit confusing. "Jim, how did you find me?".
Scotty happening to be there and all.

This was so much action and little time for reflection, yet somehow I found they pulled off the cerebral aspect as well. Very well done, I'm going to see it on the big screen next week.
Not enough male homo-erotica. Other than that, it was fantasticlismicagorical.




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