Always seems like WTF moment to me. When a main goes down it's only slightly more dramatic than nameless members of an away team, or random ensigns on the bridge. It seems that lot more effort goes into characters that only show up for one or two episodes before getting killed. The death has a little more to do with the plot.

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I didn't really mind when Tasha Yar died. Course she came back later on as a Romulan which kinda sucked. But I guess Star Trek is just like any other series, contracts get cancled or dropped, people decide to persue movie careers, ect. Seems to me TOS had the highest bodycount of any of the series as far as the on screen crewmen getting killed.
I feel that the death of Spock in Star Trek II is the most powerful example. I have watched that movie several times over the years and the scene has never failed to move me. :)
What did you think when Captain Kirk died? I thought it was lame. He didn't go out fighting like I thought he would.




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