Zachery: Deputy Underlord of the Ministry for Brutal Atheist Dietary Enforcement

gavagai: Provincial Minister of the Greater Promotion of Public Cheese Appreciation

Judith: Feminist Liaison to the Subcommittee of Dork Affairs
Minister of Practical and Attractive Godless Marsupial Product Packaging

Eli: High Overseer of Gamer Nerds (all nerds)

El Solo: El Comandante de las Legiones de Ateos que Comen Cosas Muertas

Luke: Captain of the Prelates of the ALL SMELLING NOSE OF ATHEISM®

PZ Myers: Honorary Master of all things Squidly

waffaru: Atheist Task-force Strike Leader, 666th Ninja Assault Brigade, Alpha Squadron

Wilson: Trans-continental Ball Inspector

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Ummm... k. Bless the FSM
Methinks my dominion need not be exclusive to "gamer"-nerd but encompass all Nerddom.

If thou disagree then I shall forthwith rally my forces, load the trebuchets with D20's of heruclean proportions and beginn annexation of all lands in possession by the anime-nerds to my east.
I must appeal to Zacharay about any specific cheeses that do not meet brutal dietary enforcement regulations. Are any specifically hard, runny, stinky, or processed cheeses either demanded or excluded?

@waffaru: If you need a cheese that will make your enemy's eyes water and temporarily blind them while you overcome their security, we got you covered.
I probably will need a sampling of cheeses to test their effectiveness!




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