This Ted Talk has a lot of things we can take from it. We could even have non-theist groups in our congregations and share this. The one thing I disagree with is at the end where he says it can be done on wikis - I think we need live community. I also made comments about it in the UU Growth Lab on Facebook.

My comments: "We need to synchronize encounters." We need to look at the moon more often and reflect on the frailty of life - "the reflection of the moon will have a secure place in your heart." I think people are looking for security.

Art is something many of our congregations respect, but we could use it more. I'm glad my congregation has a wonderful artist who's trying to help us express ourselves more creatively. "Arrange spaces" with art with similar themes to reflect on that topic, like love. We'll be doing a theme on the environment for Earth Day and following.

"Religions are branded so we don't get lost in a busy world." "Look at what religions do with travel." Did you know we have an affiliated organization called the ICUU and we could have partner ccongregations in places other than Europe?

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Your right...  I think his atheism 2.0 is really humanism 2.0. De Botton would make a good humanist minister.

I think that to reach a broader audience, understanding and adapting the techniques used by religions to the transmission of non-faith based ideas is a very good idea.

His point about modern art is so valid. Art should have beauty or at least truth and meaning.

I agree with Will - humanism 2.0. Which is good though. I consider myself a humanist.

Very good! It's interesting how I've come to many of the same conclusions myself. The religious pick and chose, and there is no good reason that we the "unfaithful" should not do so as well. As much as possible I try to take the good and true from everything I come across and incorporate it into my personal philosophy- while I also try as much as safely possible to ignore/avoid the bad.




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