I went to our Worship Associates Committee with some proposals for "Atheist" Service Topics. They put me on the calendar in August and have an interest in us taking future topics.

Appreciate any input folks here might have. Below is a letter I posted on our local atheist group asking their help, which explains what we plan to do. If you know some good kids stories that would be great.


That's right. I have responsibility for the UUCG (Unitarian Universalist) Service on August 2 this year. It would be great if folks from GUST (and the greater Freethought community) would help. They have a committee which selects topics for the next few months, and yesterday my proposal was

UU's are big on incorporating bits of differing religious traditions into their personal theologies (World views). The theme of this service is going to be "Incorporating a Bit of Atheism, into your personal theology". That's also the working title for now.

The description I wrote for it was:
The service will provide a little background on the “new” Atheism 101 as an introduction but focus primarily on suggestions as to how components of this belief system might be incorporated within an individual’s personal theology.
Although our congregation is accepting and open to those without god-beliefs, this world view is not well understood. Atheism can be much more than just an appreciation for science and reason. Sometimes it’s seen that Atheists are just people who are missing something, not people with anything worthwhile to add. Hopefully this service will help bridge a better understanding and possibly help some within our congregation see how a little bit of “atheistic” thought (and I mean much more than science and reason) might enrich their personal theology (even for heavily theistic personal theologies).

What can you do?

1) Plan on showing up to give support by your presence (since I know you can't help by praying for
me or beaming positive energy).
2) Be involved in the service (maybe read a quote, short reading, kids story, etc.)
3) Help with suggestions for the service (ideas, quotes, songs, story/lesson for the kids,).

The service is going to be respectful of those with theological/supernatural beliefs, but it will be true to our materialistic perspective. (No woo, or myth mixed in.) I'll share more of my perspectives on the positive impacts a little bit of atheism might add as we get closer.

I also had some proposals for other services which were well received, so there are future opportunities. For this first one, please think about coming, helping, voicing encouragement. Email me or tack on to this thread.


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You go, man.  I've done a couple of atheism-themed services at my UU, and they've always been well-received.  I think about 20% of our membership, if not more, identifies toward the "agnostic" or even more-skeptical end of the Dawkins scale.



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