Hi Folks, I'm looking for some advise and direction.

I'm part of our UU outreach group, we differ from traditional religious outreach in that increased membership would be a nice side effect but not one we either expect nor require. Making the world a little better is the goal.

The group is mostly about charity, social programs and social justice but I proposed that we start a campus group to try and shift a discussion across a cultural divide.

Three critical goals I see for the group:
-To provide a supportive but challenging environment for people who wish to explore their beliefs and ideas more fully and don't wish to be harassed by the traditional faith groups into adopting beliefs they find absurd (i.e a UU community ^_^).
-To provide a safe space for those who are transitioning towards another beliefs. Whether that's Christianity, Islam, Wicca, Atheism, whatever. Somewhere where they can get support and dialog in that journey.
-To create a neutral juncture between faith groups and even secular groups. Somewhere where we can shape people to be better through dialog regardless of where they come from epistemologically.

Of course we expect to face challenges with all of these but things worth pursuing are rarely easy.

Here's my trouble. I don't know how to put that into a coherent form that will actually attract a membership base. The goals as is aren't as clear and catchy as "the Godless society of Adelaide" or "campus crusade for Christ" (shudder). 

At the very least I don't even have a name for the group. Unitarian Universalism is great in what it is but it still has a lot of baggage and while the church itself is progressive and secular in it's ideas it is seriously old fashioned in it's practice (think Anglican service, Organ music and average age of 50). The community I'll be building on the other hand is targeting the young and UU isn't very descriptive.

I have our minister (who has considerable experience bring people together), a web designer and a graphic designer on staff but I don't have a clear message to give them direction.

Any Ideas, help will be appreciated.



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I fear I may have to get real comfortable with the word God and not instinctively shudder or argue the person down. Good thing our minister (also a humanist) has more equanimity than I.
Kudos to your efforts.

More questioning young people will definitely change the demographics in your neighborhood.

Have you looked at these sites for resources?



Good Luck
Thanks, Useful links.




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