All god needs to do is make himself visible and available to all. Simple! Everyone's question would be answered. End of conversation.

But if a deity plays hide and seek, making sure not to be found by any sense (smell, touch, sight, etc.), and then punishes those to who can't/don't find him... and he full well knows (because of his omniscience) who will find him and who won't... then the fault is entirely his. After all, he can simply show up, to everyone, simultaneously and unambiguously... no problem, no question, no uncertainty.

Ahhhh, but believers haven't found him either! Otherwise they wouldn't require faith! (I did hear someone found Jesus behind a couch, but that hasn't been substantiated.) Nevertheless...

For those who claim to have found god/Jesus/whatever, they can seldom come up with the same answers when queried about such experiences. Shouldn't they all be in agreement if it's really god?

For instance, if they ask their god, "Who is your most true prophet?" Christians will say Jesus, Muslims will say Mohamed, etc...

Well now. They can't both be right, but both will claim relationships with their god, whilst (I always wanted to use that in a sentence) any idiot can tell them they pray to the same damn god of Abraham!

So if faith were worth its salt, the answer should be the same (or the god can't hear, or is no longer alive, or is ignoring them, or....). But noooooooo. God just sits there as if he doesn't exists at all. Not even a peep.

So why doesn't god just show up? (Not in a book, but in real life, for all to see in real time the same way, open and available for everyone to see, touch, and hear with there own senses to their own satisfaction.)

A simple solution to save billions from hell. Just show up.

So why, then, does god require faith, instead of showing up? (Of course we all know the answer to that. The real question is, why don't believers?)

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Yes. It's the same "other side of the coin". If we can't bribe you with heaven, we'll threaten you with hell. Same modus operandi. But why can't they see the fallacy of faith? That seems to be the linchpin of the meme. Why does faith substitute so well for fact?




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